IBM's AI detects rare form of leukemia from misdiagnosed patient

Park Sae-jin Reporter Posted : 2016-08-08 16:38 Updated : 2016-08-08 16:38
글씨작게 글씨크게


IBM's artificial intelligence "Watson" has diagnosed a rare form of leukemia from a 60-year old Japanese woman who was misdiagnosed months earlier, according to a Japanese university report.

The correct analysis popped up during AI's process of comparing the patient's genetic changes with a database of 20 million cancer research paper results, the report from Tokyo University showed. The whole process took only 10 minutes. Watson delivered an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment for the elusive disease.

IBM's AI also identified and diagnosed a different patient suffering from another rare form of leukemia, the report said.

However, AIs such as Watson will not be as effective in diagnosing other diseases without enough databases to compare with. But the reason which AI could be much more effective in diagnosing rare diseases is that it only takes tens of minutes to sift through the database and compare results. For human doctors, it could take weeks.

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