Happy news for ice cream lovers - fat burning ice cream will hit shelves in April 2018

KwakMin-jung 기자 Posted : 2017-12-07 21:49 Updated : 2017-12-07 21:51
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Rebel Creamery claims they created a perfect line of ice cream that helps people burning fat. The ice cream is high in fat contents, low carbs, and no sugar added. [Courtesy of Rebel Creamery / Facebook]

Many dieters express their daily dilemmas of battling their sweet tooth especially resisting ice cream. Good news for ice cream lovers who worry about their weights. Rebel Creamery claims they had created four different flavors of ice cream that helps people burn fat. 

The founders, Austin and Courtney Archibald, said they worked with food scientists to concoct "the perfect ratio of keto-friendly ingredients" to make the miracle ice cream. The ice cream is high fat, low carb, and no sugar added and is ketogenic. 

Rebel Creamery will be releasing four flavors -vanilla bean, chocolate, cookie dough, peanut butter fudge- of ice cream in April 2018. [Courtesy of Rebel Creamery / Facebook ]

There are four flavors - Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Cookie Dough, and Peanut Butter Fudge. A pint of Vanilla Bean ice cream contains 62.5 grams of fat and net carbs of 6.9 grams whereas its rival ice cream company Halo Top Vanilla Bean ice cream has 8 grams of fat and 20 grams of net carbs, according to Rebel Creamery. 

The creamery's Kickstarter event started in November and it already went over its initial goal of $250,000. The total pledges are $55,885 as of Wednesday with 979 backers. It is expecting to hit shelves in April 2018. 

[Courtesy of Rebel Creamery / Facebook ]

For people who follow the ketogenic diet that promotes high fat and low carbs consumption, this new dessert choice will help you to maintain the ideal nutrient intake level. It is believed that ketogenic diet helps a body to use fat as the main energy source, hence burning more fat. 

If you want to be one of the first ones to get hands on the Rebel ice cream, visit their Kickstarter page. 

However, this ice cream has not been proven and cannot solely be used as a diet method. In order to change your metabolic body to produce ketone bodies and start burning fat, a person has to follow a strict ketogenic diet, so this ice cream alone will not burn fat. 

Still, the idea of having ice cream that claims to aid ketogenic diet to burn faster is a good excuse enough to grab a pint. 

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