​Samsung releases smartphone capable of making phone calls only

Park Sae-jin Reporter Posted : 2018-04-13 11:11 Updated : 2018-04-13 14:02
글씨작게 글씨크게

[Courtesy of Samsung]

SEOUL -- Samsung Electronics, known for premium products, has created a weird phone to meet the desire of many South Korean parents for their children to concentrate on their academic achievement at schools instead of being distracted by smartphone fun things.

On Friday, Samsung released Galaxy J2 Pro, a budget Galaxy smartphone targeting students who should study hard for their college entrance exam. Its price was set at 199,000 won (186 US dollars), about 20 percent of Samsung's new flagship smartphone Galaxy S9.

J2 Pro, which features a 5-inch display, a 5 Megapixel camera and a quad-core processor, is not a true smartphone because it has no data communication ability. Users can make calls and take pictures but they are not able to run apps. J2 Pro has a built-in dictionary app.

Samsung will offer full payback compensation when students finish exams and return J2 Pro phones to buy its Galaxy S, Note and A series.