State gas company to set up 100 hydrogen fuel charging stations by 2022

Park Sae-jin Reporter Posted : 2018-08-17 14:12 Updated : 2018-08-17 14:12
글씨작게 글씨크게

[Photo by Namkung Jinwoong =]

SEOUL -- To boost the distribution of hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles, (FCEVs) South Korea's state gas company unveiled a project to establish a nationwide network of charging stations. FCEVs are still not popular in South Korea mainly due to the lack of charging stations.

The Korea Gas Corporation said Friday that as part of its broad plan to switch South Korea's main source of power from fossil to clean energy, it will set up 100 hydrogen fuel charging stations and distribution centers by 2022.

Because FCEVs emit no greenhouse gas, the eco-friendly cars are seen as a next-generation vehicle. Hyundai Motor's NEXO", a sport utility vehicle (SUV) type FCEV, was released in March, along with state subsidies, but consumers were reluctant to buy because there are only about 15 hydrogen fuel charging stations in the country.