Samsung SDS introduces big-data based AI factory platform

Park Sae-jin Reporter Posted : 2018-08-28 15:07 Updated : 2018-08-28 15:14
글씨작게 글씨크게


SEOUL -- Samsung SDS, an information technology wing of South Korea's top conglomerate Samsung Group, revealed a new platform, based on big data and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, that can be used to upgrade automated smart factories into an intelligent system.

Smart factories differ from full-automation factories. Machines installed with sensors are connected and orchestrated by a central system in an optimized move to improve productivity. Samsung SDS introduced "Nexplant", a new AI platform for intelligent factories.

"By creating a model which calculates malfunctions of machines using an intelligent factory platform, machines can be operated for 24 hours a day," a Samsung SDS official told reporters on Tuesday, adding Nexplant manages and analyzes a vast amount of data to intellectualize factories.

Every day, factories produce an enormous amount of data through sensors. The size of accumulated data is so big that it is hard to find which sensor or machine has broken down or is malfunctioning.

Nexplant collects big data such as the operating noise of machines and heat signatures inside a factory through sensors and uses AI to detect malfunctions in real-time and calculate when a machine would break down. The AI platform can control unmanned cargo handling vehicles and designate shortest routes.

Samsung SDS said its platform can quickly analyze malfunctions and improve the quality of production with its deep learning ability improving the accuracy of quality control by 32 percent. The company promised to speed up the promotion of its Nexplant solution which was introduced at factories run by Samsung Electronics, Samsung SDI and Hyundai Mobis.

The global smart factory market will reach $205.4 billion by 2022, according to Markets and markets, a U.S.-based market research company. Samsung SDS to speed up promotion of Nexplant intelligent factory solution